Article by Autumn Price, published at Rare

Rep. Justin Amash and dozens of his colleagues sent a letter to Speaker Ryan and Minority Leader Pelosi demanding that any extension of the FISA Amendments Act be considered in the House independently, and not attached to any spending bill.

The FISA Amendments Act relates to “warrantless searches of Americans’ data under Section 702,” according to a press release and tweet from Amash.

“The government’s intelligence-gathering activities under the FISA Amendments Act raise important questions about security, privacy, transparency, civil rights, constitutional law, and the appropriate reach of government power in an age of dispersed, evolving national security issues,” the letter reads.

The law’s expiration date is quickly approaching, while none of the pieces of legislation proposing how the law should be reformed have been considered.

Amash and his colleagues worry that, in light of the government funding deadline, House leadership will attempt to attach legislation reauthorizing the FISA Amendments Act to a “large end-of-year legislative package.” Instead, Amash argues, such reauthorization should be brought to the floor as an independent bill.

The letter was signed bipartisanly by Rep. Amash and 34 other lawmakers.



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